Pastor Biography

Stan Mast

Stan Mast served as the Minister of Preaching at the LaGrave Avenue Christian Reformed Church in downtown Grand Rapids, MI. from 1990 until 2012, when he retired.  He graduated from Calvin Theological Seminary in 1971 and has served four churches in the West and Midwest regions of the United States.  He also served a 3 year stint as Coordinator of Field Education at Calvin Seminary.  He has earned a BA degree from Calvin College and a Bachelor of Divinity and a Master of Theology from Calvin and a Doctor of Ministry from Denver Seminary.

He is happily married to Sharon, a special education teacher, and they have two sons and four grandchildren.  Stan is a voracious reader and works out regularly.  He also calls himself a car nut and an "avid, but average" golfer.

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What To Do With Your Doubt

Air Date: 11-02-2008

Bible Verse: Mark 9:24

After 3 weeks of meandering through the shadow land of doubt, we’ve come to a fork in the road. We’ve explored the deep difference between doubt and disbelief. Doubt is having two minds about the truth. It isn’t sure about the truth. Disbelief has one mind about the truth; it …

Why Do Doubts Arise?

Air Date: 10-26-2008

Bible Verse: Luke 24:36-45

Dan is not his real name, but he is a very real person. I’ve known Dan for a very long time. In fact, I grew up with him in Denver. We went to the same church, where we attended Sunday School and Catechism and youth group for 12 years. We …

Is It Doubt Or Something Else?

Air Date: 10-19-2008

Bible Verse: Matthew 28:17

"When they saw him, they worshiped him, but some doubted." Isn’t that a peculiar text? I have probably preached on the Great Commission more than any other text in the whole Bible, but I’ve always skipped over these strange words, because I’ve never known what to make of them. Well, …

Faith and Doubt: Can They Live In The Same Heart?

Air Date: 10-12-2008

Bible Verse: Matthew 14:31

Can faith and doubt live in the same heart? That’s what I want to think about with you for a few moments today. It’s not an easy question. The church I serve has a wonderful confession of faith called the Heidelberg Catechism. As it explains the Apostles Creed, the most …

Safe Harbor In The Winter Storms

Air Date: 02-03-2008

Bible Verse: Acts 27

There is no more vivid and realistic and helpful picture of our voyage through the winter storms of life than this story in Acts 27.  Paul had been arrested in Jerusalem for preaching Jesus Christ in a way that disturbed both religious and secular authorities.  After appearing before several lesser …

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